Le Trou Normand — Journey Cleanser

As this is a food, wine, and travel blog, the nature of my travels made it necessary to insert this journey cleanser, or Le Trou Normand, to be used three weeks into this blog, to allow my initial experiences to settle and linger, so that the next adventures could be enjoyed with a fresh perspective.

After Edinburgh, the trip took off into an entirely different direction and I became absorbed in a whirlwind of color, smells, sights and a whole lot of living. In other words, I cascaded into my travel experiences using all five senses, as I set out to do, and thus merely made notes for my travel blog. Reflections from the rest of the trip will be far less detailed, offering the flavor and overall impressions of my travels in Istanbul, the Greek Island of Paros, my one night in Athens under a full moon, 10 days with my ex-husband and father of my son in Anduze, France, with the finale of the trip, a picture perfect three days in Le Marais, the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

I’ll be adding posts frequently as I am now back in the US and absorbing the amazing nature of this trip while adjusting to the responsibilities of being home.

Let it suffice to say the two month sabbatical was PERFECT.