Anduze, St. Roman, Rodez – France

Each morning I took walks through the ancient village of St. Roman, which dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

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On the way to Rodez to visit Rémi’s friends Jean-Pierre and Genevieve Charissou, we stopped for lunch in Plateau du Larzac at Le Gare Oaux Anes and ordered the Menu du Jour….Salade de Chevre Chaud & Boeuf Bourguignon — it was pouring down rain and the warm lunch offered a welcome reprieve from the onset of winter.

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At the Farmers’ Market in Rodez –’tis the season for champignons. As we were in Roquefort country where the choices were overwhelming, cheese was also on the menu. Thankfully, Rémi knew just which one to choose, the Vieux Berger, that can be found only in this region of Aveyron. Then lunch at Jean-Pierre and Genevieve’s using the butternut squash, champignons, fish, pain and fromage fresh from the farmers’ market, felt like being back in Healdsburg.