Eating my way through Paros, Greece

For twenty glorious days, I ate my way through Paros. My favorite restaurant was Kopanni. It is near Tango Beach and where I first discovered grilled sardines, which became my comfort food for the duration of my stay on Paros. Everything at Kopanni is fresh, local and delicious and their specialty is, of course, fish.0. Sardines02. Greece landscape

Levantis offered the most elegant food of my adventure in Paros prepared by Chef Georgios Mavridis. A husband/ wife team owns and beautifully manages this small, elegant, delicious restaurant located in the central market street of Parikia.

Il Susuro del Pino is a garden restaurant with absolutely delicious fish and other Greek specialties. With all seating outside, it offers a delightful environment, especially if one is fond of cats.


Niatsa Estiatorio is an Italian restaurant in the quaint town square of Naoussa. Luciano and I bicycled the 15+ kilometers from Parikia to Naoussa, stopping to swim and sight see along the way, so we were well rewarded upon reaching Niatsa.  

03. Niatsa05. With Luciano at Niatsa

Ouzeri-Tavern in the Port of Alyki on Paros was one of my favorite dining experiences. After Yoga, I enjoyed a sumptuous white fish dish baked in parchment paper with assorted vegetables. It was exquisitely prepared and the afternoon was memorable with a gorgeous view of the Aegean, children playing in the sea, and fisherman returning to the port.06. FoodAlykiVivason a small cobbled-stone street in Antiparos, was perhaps the greatest culinary surprise of my stay on Paros. Most of the restaurants were closed for the season by the middle of October when Nico and I took the ferry from Parikia to Antiparos. We were delighted to taste authentic Greek dishes expertly prepared from local products.IMG_326609. Nico08.

My favorite vendor was a woman by the name of Chrysoula Kazakidou. Although she offered wellness services such as Reiki, craniosacral and relaxing massage, which I unfortunately found out about too late for my visit, it was her shop with all local products from cheese to wine to Greek olive oil based Shea butters that initially caught my attention.  She was even so kind as to pick wild thyme from her garden for me to send to my cousin Susie….Chrysoula’s shop is right on the port across from where the ferries come and go…