Lunnasting School in Vidlin

Susie volunteers in the local Lunnasting School every Friday afternoon as a cooking teacher for Fun Fridays. The school educates 25 children ranging in age from those in the nursery class to seventh graders. I met all twenty-five of the most fortunate children imaginable. The school overlooks the North Sea from the front and east side of the building and is surrounded by hills dotted with the Shetland Sheep on the remaining two sides. Tom and Mark gave me a tour of their school and proudly began it by explaining the ins and outs of their Eco School. Standing like a sentinel gracing the school garden was a windmill, and the solar panels were close by. A fruit-filled grapevine was the most prolific plant growing in the greenhouse — a troll-like house shown to me by James who explained all the subtleties of their eco-garden. The three teachers are each other’s inspiration and support in raising this generation of Vidlin children.

Another view from Shetland Islands

Another view from Shetland Islands


James explaining the eco-garden

James explaining the eco-garden


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